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Our winery was designed to maximise the potential of the fruit from our vineyard. Gentle processing, minimal handling and pumping are guiding principles in the winery.

Our grapes are hand harvested into small buckets, undergo bunch triage on the sorting table, and are processed in a low volume crusher destemmer, followed by an air bag press to gently extract the juice. Small open fermenters and multiple winery levels were specially designed to allow natural gravity transfer rather than a reliance on pumps, reducing agitation and oxidation. The underground cellar was developed to provide the perfect conditions for barrel fermentation and maturation.


Cellar Door

Our cellar door is currently under construction, it will perch above the winery cellar with marvellous views over our vineyard and surrounds and out over the grassy coastal plains to Western Port Bay and the Mornington Peninsula.

Until completed Limbic wines will be available through mail order.




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