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Although our vineyard was set up in a relatively traditional manner, we have always wanted to manage it as organically as was feasible in our cool climate. Biodynamics enables us to do this.

Biodynamic agriculture was introduced by Dr Rudolph Steiner in the early 1920’s.The idea behind Biodynamic’s is to promote a healthy well structured soil, rich in humus and high in biological activity. Another is the relationship between plant growth and the rhythms of the cosmos.

Biodynamic preparations are used on the soil to encourage biological activity using planetary cycles to guide the timing of their application. Strong biological soil life encourages an active worm population. Earthworm castings have more readily available plant nutrients than the surrounding soil itself.

Vineyard management is timed to astronomical rhythms and the position of the Moon, Sun and Planets optimizing the effectiveness of management practices and vine health. Healthy vines mean more natural disease resistance making the plants less susceptible to problems from Downey mildew, and Powdery mildew and Botrytis.

Since using Biodynamics we have noticed an increase in soil activity, a wider range of insects both in the soil and plants.

For more information on Biodynamic Agriculture, please visit Biodynamic Agriculture Australia.


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